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Fellow fans, the end is nigh. Tonight is the last hour of “Justified” until January 2014 and while we’re all sad, we’re also delighted that a great episode will be closing out an epic season. “Ghosts,” directed by our old friend Bill Johnson, was written by our astonishing executive producer Fred Golan and our stellar producer Benjamin Cavell.

Raylan has a last, lethal showdown with the Detroit mob, while Boyd and Ava try to keep an incriminating secret dead and buried.

We’ve saved arguably our best video interview for last. Be sure to visit us again in the coming days as we ease you into what’s going to be a very long wait for the further adventures of Raylan Givens.

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This is the penultimate episode of season four, Justified fans, and you won’t want to miss how things are starting to wrap up because even though Drew Thompson’s been caught, there’s still a little problem named Ellen May floating in the wind. Check out FX tonight for “Peace of Mind,” directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton, who returns for her second visit to Harlan County. The scribes behind the magic are the legendary Taylor Elmore and the multitalented Leonard Chang, who last collaborated together on “The Hatchet Tour.”

The Drew Thompson case becomes a fiasco that Raylan can only fix by besting Boyd in a hunt for the unwitting woman caught in the middle.

Though we’re sad to approach the end of this slambang season, we’ve still got a few things left in store for you so stay tuned!

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Loyal viewers, there are only THREE fresh episodes left in this season of Justified! And we know you’re going to love them because it’s going to be a white knuckle ride to the very end, starting with this week’s badass episode, “Decoy,” directed by Michael Watkins. Writing duties were shared by showrunner extraordinaire Graham Yost and our favorite mastermind Chris Provenzano.

Boyd and the Detroit Mob try every dirty trick there is to stop Raylan and Drew Thompson from leaving Harlan alive.

As always, check back in with us for more looks behind the screen. See you soon!

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The cat’s out of the bag and Sheriff Shelby – sorry, make that Drew Thompson – is on the run! If you’ve been with us this far, loyal viewers, you’re going to want to see how this pretzel works itself out as season four heads into the home stretch tonight. (It’s a mixed metaphor kind of day.) The episode, titled “Get Drew,” was directed by seasoned pro Billy Gierhart, while plot shenanigans and clever turns of phrase were masterminded by the ever clever Dave Andron and the wisecrackin’ VJ Boyd.

Drew Thompson slips through the fingers of Raylan, Boyd, and the Detroit mob, and sets off a breakneck race to find him.

Make sure to read our interview with one of the writers if you’re looking to tide over your Justified cravings before next Tuesday.

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This is it, folks: tonight your favorite good guys and bad guys suss out the identity of longtime fugitive Drew Thompson. It’s not the Harlem shake – it’s the Harlan shakedown! The episode is titled “The Hatchet Tour.” DGA-nominated Lesli Linka Glatter directed this one to perfection. The script is co-written by the dynamo Taylor Elmore and the splendiferous (yes, that’s a word) Leonard Chang, the latter of whom is making one heckuva Justified debut.

Boyd discovers he still has an Ellen May problem, while Raylan goes off-book to do some dynamite-fishing with unexpected results.

As always, click on back in a couple of days for new content. We’ll have an inspiring interview with novelist-turned-TV-scribe Leonard Chang. Take care!

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Welcome to week eight, loyal viewers! We think those of you who haven’t had your fill of Harlan firepower will be plenty satisfied with the goings-on of tonight’s episode, titled “Outlaw,” directed by the great John Dahl and co-penned by the formidable Ben Cavell and our super writers’ assistant Keith Schreier.

Bodies start dropping and no one is safe as the search for Drew Thompson enters its home stretch.

Come back later in the week for behind-the-scenes chatter on what’s sure to be our most-talked about episode of the season!

-Nick and Jeff


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We hope you had an excellent long weekend, but there’s no rest for the wicked of Harlan County, where every day is Dead Presidents’ Day.

Check in tonight for the latest episode of “Justified;” this one’s titled “Money Trap,” and it was written by the brilliant and hilarious Chris Provenzano, and directed by co-executive producer Don Kurt.

Raylan finds himself caught between a foxy grifter and an old nemesis out for revenge, while Boyd and Ava come face-to-face with the decadence of Harlan’s elite.

Take a gander at some set photos from tonight’s episode, and make sure you come back for more content later in the week!

-Jeff and Nick

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Just in time for Valentine’s, Justified serves up an episode about a dismembered foot and bad people doing bad things. Even so, there’s always room for love in Harlan County. Are we being cryptic? You bet. Set your timers to FX to find out what we mean.

Tonight’s episode is titled “Foot Chase.” It’s the second of director Peter Werner’s back-to-back episodes this season. And who are the writers? None other than the extraordinary Dave Andron and the incredible Ingrid Escajeda.

Raylan’s discovery of a severed foot sets off a race against time, while Boyd and Ava work to break into Harlan high society.

Make sure you click back here later in the week; as always, we’ll be serving up exclusive looks behind the screen.

-Jeff and Nick

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The bad news is that football season is over. The good news is that Raylan season is in full swing and it’s once again time for the coolest, slyest, gunslingyest show on the tube.

Tonight’s episode is titled “Kin,” and it was directed by that ol’ stalwart Peter Werner, making this his sixth time at bat with us. Writing duties are shared by the precocious VJ Boyd and sensational Edgar Award nominee Fred Golan.

This week, the search for Drew Thompson leads Raylan into the remote wilds of Kentucky hill country with unexpected and dangerous results.

Take a looksee below to whet your appetite:


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Ladies and gentlemen: thank you all for making this season the highest-rated of the entire series thus far! Everyone here aims to please and pleased they are.

Tonight you can help yourself to your “Justified” fix by snapping on your TV for the newest episode. The title is “This Bird Has Flown,” written by the inestimable Taylor Elmore and directed (in his second time this season) by Bill Johnson.

Raylan’s hunt for his stolen money leads to a confrontation with a bareknuckle brawler, while Boyd and Ava face a decision that threatens to destroy them.

And now for your viewing pleasure, set photos and a teaser.


-Jeff and Nick

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