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Check out what the critics are saying about last week’s landmark episode!

“Here’s how I know “Decoy” was a great Justified episode: I didn’t realize it was just about done until there were only about two minutes to go. And that revelation was almost painful. Grade: A”  -Noel Murray, The A.V. Club

“The distinction of Justified–a literary, word-lover’s show to begin with–is that on this drama, talk is action. It is how characters test one another’s mettle, conduct reconnaissance, and carry out war by other means. And “Decoy” was just one fantastic instance of this after another.”  -James Poniewozik, Time

“Cool as an astronaut landing a helicopter on the baseball diamond must have been to the teenage versions of Boyd, Ava, Johnny and Raylan, I would say the entirety of “Decoy” just topped it for me.” -Alan Sepinwall, Hitfix

“The best thing about ”Decoy” was that, despite the extraordinary circumstances and helicopters and molotov cocktails and IEDs and giant friggin’ guns, the episode was unequivocally an hour’s worth of everything we love about Justified. The familiar, lighthearted lobs of eloquent spoken word and “gosh I wish I had thought of that” zingers didn’t stop just because everyone was one trigger squeeze away from a massacre. Quite the opposite. “Decoy” was stuffed with the type of top-notch dialogue that we—greedy little mugs that we are–somehow expect the show to deliver each week, even as the writers are conjuring magic from their fingertips.”  -Tim Surette,

“Top to bottom, I can’t find a single character that I’m not invested in. I even want to see where Picker, Augustine’s henchman, ends up. Speaking of Augustine, can enough be said about the work Mike O’Malley has done this season?”  -Jack McKinney, Paste Magazine

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