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Those of you who enjoyed last week’s episode, “Kin,” are in for an exclusive look at selected script pages. The writers Fred Golan and VJ Boyd offer their thoughts – and a glimpse at their process – in the excerpts below.


Pages 4-5A, 4-5B: “This is Raylan and Winona’s first meeting this season.  It was very important to Tim Olyphant that we draw together the threads of Raylan’s story thus far, but also find a way to let him stumble, in Winona’s eyes.  I spent most of one weekend on the phone with Tim, revising and re-revising this, until we’d distilled it down to it’s essential elements.”

Page 31: “Notice on this page how specific we are about what Luke is wearing, what Ava’s putting in the box, etc.  We could actually stand to be even more specific, because this is the only thing the director, the props people, the set designers, and the other dozens of people who put this show together have to go on when they implement our vision.  If you’re writing something on spec (that is, to try and sell a new show or film), you can stand to be vague about things, but when what you’re writing is actually about to be made, you have to be specific.”

Page 40: “This and the Raylan-Winona scene are both good examples of scenes that are basically the same, but with dialogue that got tweaked on the day.  Few of our pages are shot exactly as written, dialogue-wise.”

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