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Well, Justifi-ers, you gave your hard-earned time to watch “This Bird Has Flown” and we hope you loved it. And by the by, time is flying too: can you believe we’re already four episodes into the new season?

Director Bill Johnson (who also helmed “Where’s Waldo”) was more than generous to sit down for another audio commentary over the first seventeen minutes of last Tuesday’s episode, “This Bird Has Flown.” We guarantee you’ll hear some pearls of wisdom for fans and filmmakers alike. For quick and easy access, follow the instructions below:

Right click on the link below and select “Save Link As…”

Save the .ZIP file to a directory of your choice

Unzip the file to extract the MP3

Open up the MP3 in your favorite media player

Get the episode ready on your TV

When the “Previously on Justified” finishes, start playing the MP3 on your media player. (You’ll hear two beeps in the MP3: the first is when the episode begins and the second is when you return from the first commercial break.)


[Download Bill Johnson’s commentary for Justified episode #4.04, “This Bird Has Flown”]

It warms the heart to know that critics are still raving about Raylan & Co. We’ve assembled a sampling of their reviews below:

“’The Bird Has Flown’ got us no closer to solving the case of the mystery bag… but Justified is so good at telling other stories, I didn’t mind a bit.” –Tim Surette,

“The two high points of the criminal scenes were finally getting to see the real Lindsay in action… and pretty much everything about Joe Hoppus… Thankfully, the scenes involving the marshals following along behind are just as strong… Erica Tazel is totally believable wielding an asp baton, and that’s not nothing.” –Jack McKinney, Paste Magazine 

“In a way, the intense interactions of ‘This Bird Has Flown’ all have a lot to do with one person letting down their guard and another revealing a different, possibly true side of their nature… [Walton] Goggins and [Joelle] Carter both apply a particular intonation to some of their lines in this episode that really shows just how deeply these actors understand their characters.” –Kevin Yeoman, Screenrant

“A helluva fun watch… This episode was well-paced and oozing with masculinity.” –Caitlin Hughes, Film School Rejects

“Never has ‘Justified’ ran at a pace this fast… it feels more like an entire year’s worth of story has already passed… Like last week, and the week before, and the week before that, it keeps getting more and more difficult to predict where ‘Justified’ Season 4 will go next. With Ellen May escaping from the Crowders, Lindsey having left Raylan very alone, and all of that Drew Thompson business still hanging in the air, I couldn’t be more excited to see what’s next in Harlan County.” –Dan Forcella, TV Fanatic

“Another very good ‘Justified’ episode, with real moment-to-moment tension, driven by the ambiguity over what these characters will choose… That’s why the funniest two scenes in ‘This Bird Has Flown’ are also the most pertinent. In the first, Rachel clubs a gamecock-broker when he puts a blade near her face after she warned him not to; and later, Raylan shoots Randall in the belly after Randall talks about his chickens one time more than he was supposed to. In both cases, it’s hard to feel too bad for the victims of these marshals’ wrath. After all, they knew the consequences when they made their choice.” –Noel Murray, AV Club 

Come back soon for an exclusive interview with writer/supervising producer Taylor Elmore, who penned ‘This Bird Has Flown’!

-Nick and Jeff

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