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Thanks for tuning in for last Tuesday night’s episode, “Where’s Waldo”! We hope you enjoyed it as much as the critics did (more on them later). In the meantime, we’ve got a very special feature for our very special readers.

Bill Johnson, the director of “Where’s Waldo”, was kind enough to stop by our offices and record an audio commentary for the first seventeen minutes of the episode! Here’s how you can listen to it:

Right click on the link below and select “Save Link As…”

Save the .ZIP file to a directory of your choice

Unzip the file to extract the MP3

Open up the MP3 in your favorite media player

Get the episode ready on your TV

When the “Previously on Justified” finishes, start playing the MP3 on your media player. (You’ll hear two beeps in the MP3: the first is when the episode begins and the second is when you return from the first commercial break.)


[Download Bill Johnson’s commentary for Justified episode #4.02, “Where’s Waldo”]

In case that doesn’t sate your Justified appetite, take a look at what the critics had to say:

“A snappy, entertaining hour, and we’re only getting warmed up on the season.” –Alan Sepinwall, HitFix 

“The best scene in this episode — and one of the best Justified scenes ever — involves Boyd going to the snake-handling church to test its weaknesses… What makes Boyd a great character is the way he uses his ostentatious, showboating nature to hide his very real and cunning intelligence… I was going to say Art’s one of my favorite characters on Justified, but that’s not really true, since everybody on Justified is one of my favorite characters on Justified. But the way that Searcy plays Art with a hound dog’s demeanor is often ridiculously entertaining.” –Todd VanDerWerff, Grantland

“The eventual confrontation between the marshals and the Truth family is precisely the kind of thing that Justified excels at, crackerjack dialogue and direction with quality underlying social commentary… the writers on Justified seem to have a knack for topping themselves.” –Jack McKinney, Paste Magazine

Justified, like many great serialized dramas today, jumps back and forth between rewarding the dedicated viewer with drawn-out, series-long arcs and bringing in new eyes with more standalone stories like the one we saw in “Hole in the Wall”… as long as the show delivers sizzling dialogue, fantastic characters and performances, and a setting so alive that it continues to exist when we turn off our TVs, I don’t care what the show does with its pacing, or anything else for that matter.” –Tim Surette,

“Anytime Justified can see fit to let Boyd quote some scripture is a good time indeed. There’s just something particularly excellent about Goggins’ cadence when speaking from the good book that says everything about why the character was spared from the bullet he had planted in his chest at the beginning of season one… Between Benny and Roz, and now the Truth family, Justified’s proving it can write a character of any size and pretty much make you want to see more of them. Not many television shows out there that can do that.” –Kevin Yeoman, Screen Rant

“As we move confidently into the season-four story lines in this episode, we see a whole lot of people trying to hold on to what they’ve got, despite the intrusion of outsiders… The scene where Boyd strides into that revival tent like Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate is thrilling… I love the way Justified prizes the lexicon of the holler.” –Joe Reid, Vulture

As always, keep checking back for more exclusive interviews and surprises!

-Nick and Jeff

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