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You’re ill at ease. It’s okay. That feeling cresting at the top of your stomach is excitement. Let it pulse through you as you tense from the cold, dead embrace of Harlan, Kentucky’s strung-out underbelly. We’ve been waiting for each other. Pack up your go bag and brace for the free-fall, ‘cause it’s comin’. Welcome to Season 4, Justifiers.

First thing’s first: a HUGE congratulations to Justified’s Jeremy Davies for taking home Emmy gold this year for his role as Dickie Bennett in Season 3!

The Season 4 blog will be a place for exclusive interviews with cast and crew, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and a hub for links to all press Justified. We don’t write the show, but we work with the writers daily and we’ve seen how they make this sausage. Oh the spoilers we could tell you. Who lives! Who wears a bear costume! Who dies!

In the meantime, sate your appetite with some of our favorite promos from this season so far. See you soon.

-Nick and Jeff

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